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Trouble at Town Hall 01/05/2013 11:47 PM CEST
Calm in Eternal Calm was broken today as protesters descended on the islands Town Hall after local authorities arrested Moses Flow on charges of espionage. The reports came from a Mr Figtree and Mr Nayar after a device was found in their home. Hours after Mr Flow's arrest, ECS personnel were found unconscious and the suspect missing. Investigations suggest that he escaped through the Stargate using an address that is at present unknown.

Protesters believe that Mr Flow was wrongly arrested and banished from the island and are demanding that he be pardoned and allowed to return. Investigators are still reviewing this case and as such this situation remains unresolved.

Eternal Calm Protests
Posted By: Wolfie Waves

Goodbye Atlantis 03/08/2009 11:26 AM CEST
Posted By: Peter Lameth

Deshima Station Promo Video 30/07/2009 1:58 PM CEST
Posted By: Peter Lameth

Database Out of Sync (UPDATE) 09/07/2009 12:33 PM CEST
Database imported rental should be up2date im going to check some emails just to make sure anyway :)
Posted By: Peter Lameth

Stargate Command Video 24/05/2009 1:10 AM CEST
Posted By: Peter Lameth

Munkie Island Beach by Mills Gazov 10/05/2009 4:58 PM CEST
Posted By: Peter Lameth

Vacation 24/12/2008 4:12 PM CET
Some people have wondered why im not around much this past week, the answer is i went on holiday for 2 weeks which started on the 15th of december.

Please direct queries to the other estate managers or open a new support ticket.
Posted By: Peter Lameth

Midway and Region Status Indicators 08/08/2008 8:34 AM CEST
Just incase anyone didnt know Midway is now open but due to a bug in the slmap u need to manually type in 3023 into the z coordinate if travelling via the map, theirs a ring transporter on the ground if you want to use that too. SL seems to be having a bug related to region status sometimes it reports 'unknown' which is why some regions appears with a ? or an x on the right. Peter
Posted By: Peter Lameth

Server Downtime 03/08/2008 3:46 AM CEST
you may or maynot have noticed the server was unreachable for a few hours, the reason for this is under investigation, all services seem to be up and running again though.
Posted By: Peter Lameth

Eternal Calm 18/06/2008 6:39 PM CEST
we have been revamping eternal calm lately and have completely rebuilt the telehub area, you might want to stop by for a visit.
Posted By: Peter Lameth

Limited Space in Eternal Calm Available 02/06/2008 7:48 PM CEST
if you would like a plot in eternal calm now is the time to come rent a plot as their are spaces available. eternal calm tends to fill up quite fast so keep this in mind.
Posted By: Peter Lameth

Munkie Island 02/06/2008 7:40 PM CEST
Land is available on the beautiful munkie island, with its prestine beach magnificent view of stargate command. it is part of the eternal calm/avalonia estate continent prices are the same as eternal calm, shops are allowed on munkie island.
Posted By: Peter Lameth

Stargate Command Now Open 11/04/2008 1:48 AM CEST
Attention ladies, gentlemen and various other multiple gender species :p

The new Stargate Command that was formally located in Eternal Calm has now moved to it's own dedicated region and is now finally open to the public. Note that this is not the grand opening as there is still much work to be done within.

Anyone wanting to visit just TP to the region "Stargate Command", use the stargates or just walk across the border ;)

Addresses is either /d stargate command /d sgc /d cheyenne mountain
Posted By: Peter Lameth

ECE Rental System Now Live! 27/03/2008 3:19 AM CET
Well we did it!, We finally finished, tested, tweaked and double tested the new ECE Rental System. All current tenants have now been moved over from the old hippoRENT system. The old rental office has been cleared out and is now just a cold empty room.
Posted By: Wolfie Waves

New Rental System Finished! 25/03/2008 6:48 AM CET
Yay, we finally finished it. A fully working custom rent system just for EC made in just under 5 days! ^.^

Now we will give it one hell of a testing before making it live and moving all the current tenants over to it.
Posted By: Wolfie Waves

Development News 24/03/2008 6:28 PM CET
During the last 3 days we have been working on a new custom built rental system just for EC and have now added the ability for tenants to pay their rent directly from this website by using the Apez API.

If you are interested and would like to have a look at our new system you can find it in the new rental office. Just use the ring platforms and teleport to "Eternal Calm Rental Office".

We will soon be at the point where we can move people over from the old hippo rental system to the new rental table, at which point the old rent office will be cleared out and dismantled.
Posted By: Wolfie Waves

Pipe bursts, EC Floods! 22/03/2008 3:05 AM CET
Chaos swept through Eternal Calm today as a mains water pipe burst and flooded the island, drowning many noobs and other annoyances. Those that were clever enough to survive played in speed boats while waiting for the local plumber to arrive.
Posted By: Wolfie Waves